Parallel Port Interface Box


The Parallel Port Interface Box is a simple device that connects to theIBM PC's parallel (aka printer) port. Plugging this box into theprinter port immediately interfaces your PC to the outside world. For instance, you can hook up motors to the box, and write computer programs to control them. You could interface sensors and turn your computerinto a home control unit. For example, you can have motion sensors whichcan detect when to turn on lights. You can nterface a smoke alarmto your computer. The computer can call and play a pre-recorded panic message to 911 when the alarm goes off. You can design a burgularalarm system as well. Almost all PCs have a parallel port. The advantages of using this portare (1) unlike the serial RS-232 port, you can control up to 8 devicessimultaneously. (2) unlike the AT expansion bus slot, you don't have to open up your computer. This Parallel Interface Box can be built for less than $20 in parts, and within an afternoon. The rest of thistutorial article is broken down as follows: