Boondog believes that you will not find a completely assembled 8255 PC Interface Card Ensemble at a cheaper price anywhere in the world. Other companies have 8255-type cards but have hidden costs charging you extra for cables and terminal expansion boxes. Nor do they have Applications Manuals.

With Boondog, there are no hidden costs.

8255 PC Interface Card

Simple to use and powerful! With this card you can interface and control almost any device such as DC and stepper motors, relays, transistors, LCDs, keypads, DAC and ADC converters.

This card plugs into your PC ISA slot. Compatible with all PCs (original to the latest Pentium). The included 34-pin IDC connector cable, brings all 24 digital lines, and +12,-12,+5,-5 V lines to the Terminal Expansion Board.

IDC connectors are more prototyping-friendly. DB-sub style ones (typically found on other companies' cards) have two off-centered rows which do not fit into breadboards. Boondog uses IDC connectors. They have standard 0.1 inch spacings, making it easy for you to engineer your add-on creations with.

The included Terminal Expansion Board has standard header posts so that you can easily hook-up your sensors, motors, and engineering creations. It even has a 152-hole prototyping area so that you can build any of your additional circuits on if you wish.