Open-architecture builds community - a dedicated user-network. Thanks to the Internet, this community is composed of users from around the world - the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Boondog is amazed at the creativity of its clients. This area is dedicated to supporting Boondog clients and visitors. Here you will find links to Boondog clients and what they are up to. Some have expertise in programming (like Delphi or Visual Basic). Others are veteran electronicists and roboticists. Exchange email and let information flow!

Users Group

Paul Oh
Interest: Robotics
Application: Data Acquisition, Motor Control, Sensors
Well, I am Boondog. I am a mechanical engineer specialized in control system design. Some past projects: electrohydraulic servo systems, pump control, flight control. Present research: visual-servoed control for robotics.

We are happy clients no doubt, and one thing that makes us loyal, beside the catchy name, is the service we have received. Eager to help and lend a hand. That is a good practice and that makes Boondog different. - Eugene R. Schwanbeck IV
Eugene R. Schwanbeck IV and Corey Knauer
Interest: Robotics
Application: Automowbot 
Using a lawn tractor as their platform, Eugene and Corey are building an autonomous robot. They have interfaced a pulse width modulated RC radio controller to the computer and outputting the data to control a stepper motor with the 8255.

"The Boondog Card is perfect for the hobbyist. It is well designed and uses a very few simple parts. It comes with excellent documentation, a library of good software, and has example code in two languages, BASIC and C" - Ben Candrick
Ben Cantrick
Interest: Linux
Application: Embedded Microcontrollers
Using his 8255 card to dump an EPROM chip full of i8051 microcontroller code, which he found on the motherboard of a junked scanner.

"For such an inexpensive product, the packaging is above average, the manuals alone are worth much more than expensive similar cards, in fact, just the price by itself is about $75-$100 USD less and the competition" - Stephane Poudret
Stephane Poudret
Interest: Networking, NT and Delphi
Application: Home Automation
Stephane in Canada is designing a home security, automation controller The alarm system will track 5 zones. The automation controller will monitor the doorbell, mailbox, windows, locks and open and close doors.

Przemek Klosowski
Interest: Linux
Founder and President of the Washington DC Linux User Group

Andreas Kekkou
Applications: Function Generator
Andreas is building a function generator using the 8255 PC Interface Card

Chris Walker
Interest: PLCs
Calculates the control word value based on the modes of the 3 ports
Chris is an applications engineer for an OEM building textile machinery company. He is designing ladder-logic software and hardware.

Robert Roy
Interest: Robotics
Robert is developing an autonomous robot on a Pentium motherboard platform. He is using infrared, ultrasonic and CCD video camera sensors.

Bruce Wedding
Expertise: C Programming
Some projects that Bruce will be interested in developing are:

Paul A. Long
Interest: Automated displays
Paul designs light displays for Halloween and Christmas

Felipe Cepeda
Interest: Industrial Automation
Felipe in Mexico designs with Allen Bradley PLCs, the 8051 microcontroller and PCs for building automotive and electronics testing machines

Rodrigo Perez
Interest: Data Acquisition

Maurice Rice
Interest: Java
Maurice is interested in Java's native networking capabilities. He is trying to develop networkable devices.

Louis Marcinyk
Interest: Robotics
Lou is an electrical engineering student at Ottawa University (Canada). He is using his 8255 to prototype and test ultrasonic imagers, IR and tactile sensors for mobile robots.

David Hallum
Interest: Security Systems
David is developing a security system. He is using his 8255 to interface motion sensors

Alex Smith
Interest: Robotics
Alex in Australia interfaced his 8255 to design a robotic painting system

Dean Earley
Interest: Programming

Dean provides a custom control that utilises the freeware 'inpout.dll' to access custom hardware like the 8255. With this code you can program in Visual Basic!.

Alfredo Eguia
Interest: Industrial Automation
Alfredo in Mexico has written a port I/O program (Win95) in Borland C
He is also developing an EPROM burner for Intel-based 8031
embedded micros. 

Mark Adams
Interest: Data Acquistion
Mark is making a well level monitor and also a citrine level monitor, by using pressure gauge and ADC.

Raymond King
Interest: Win95 Programming
Raymond programs in Visual Basic 5.0 Pro, C++ and designs I/O Devices.

Flavio Lemos
Interest: Robotics
Flavio is building a robotic arm

Bill Allison
Interest: Process Automation
Bill is in the United Kingdom. He is prototyping a PC-based control system for his timber processing company. He is particularly interested in using their 8255 for counting logs.

Steven Hoza
Interest: XYZ Tables and CNC
Steven is in the cabinetmaking business. He is working on building an XY positioning table with his 8255.

Graham Marshall
Interest: Hydroponics, Temperature Sensing
Graham lives in the United Kingdom and is into hydroponics. He has a large greenhouse and wishes to monitor the nutrient and temperature levels. He is also using a Micromint Domino 2 microcontroller. He hopes to interface this with his 486 PC under Visual Basic.

Johan Wallin
Interest: Linux and Networking
Johan, in the Sweden is using his 8255 under Linux and Win98. He is using his 8255 for networking.

Jongsik Lee
Interest: Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Jongsik in Korea is a DSP SW/HW design engineer for Samsung. He uses Texas Instrument's (TI) TMS series of DSP cards (TMS320C25 and TMS320C31). He is developing test equipment with his 8255.

Brian E. Marshall
Interest: Halloween Automation
Brian is into animatronic bats! He will interface muscle wire and electropistons to create a bat that starts off sleeping then wakes up and flaps! He programs in VB/C and C++.

Gerald Fritz
Interest: Robotics
Gerald is building a robotic toy using Polaroid ultrasonic sensors, thermistors, camera chips and infrared and vibration sensors. His experties is in database programming.

Steve Gidden
Interest: Video Surveillance and security
Steve is a development technician at the University of California, Berkeley. He is designing a PC-based home automation system using a motion detector and VCR and remote camera.

Maurice Koroniak
Interest: Model Airplanes, CNC, XYZ tables
Maurice in Canada constructs his own model airplanes from balsawood. He hopes to use his 8255 to create a dremel tool positioning system

Mark Adams  
Interest: Well level monitor
Mark is using his 8255 to create a well level and a citrine level monitor using a pressure gauge and ADC.

Interest: Disco music light shows
Rowan is designing a 24 channel light control system with his 8255 and relays. He plans on integrating a light show control with sound processing. He uses motorized mirror balls and helicopters.

Dinos Costanti
Interest: Arcade Video Machines, Delphi V4, Win98
Dinos from Cypress is using his 8255 to control an arcade video game machine that used to have a keyboard (5x5 matrix) via a PC running a Win98 graphical user interface (GUI).

Paulo Jorge Sequeira Goncalves
Interest: Automation, Control and Robotics
Paulo is a teacher at the Politechnical institute in Portugal. His is also a PhD candidate at the Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon. His research interests were in machine vision and surgerical robotics.

Jerry Parlee
Interest: Data Acquisition, Turbo Pascal
Jerry does tech support at the University of Texas (Austin). Currently doing data collection on frog chirping.

Matt Krick
Interest: Ham Radio
Matt built a TCX-150-A Repeater controler based on 8255 PPI to control an amatuer radio repeater, has the capability to control 4 full duplex ports, plus 1 receive only, DTMF decoder and automatic phone patch

Kevin Rudko
Interest: Model Railroading
Kevin is a model railroader and specializes in railroad signaling including train control movements. He plans on using his 8255 and PC as the controller for input and output of track switch positions, dispatcher actions and signal color changes.

Chris Jackson
Interest: Industrial Factory Applications
Chris designed a printed circuit for an opto-isolated relay. His main interests are in industrial control and monitoring systems for packaging equipment using Visual Basic.

William Bannister
Interest: Personal Robots and Administrates the Tech Robots Network
William has created a web site to organize all the information on personal robots with discussion forum, a links to articles, distributors, classifieds and members database.

Educational Institutions using Boondog

Both students, teachers and researchers around the world have used the 8255 PC interface card. Students use them for their projects or competitions. Teachers give students hands-on PC interfacing experiences using the 8255 in courses. Researchers like the 8255 for its low-cost and flexibility. Here are some of the educational institutes that have used the 8255. Email Boondog Automation for Educational discount information or client references.